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Medical Practitioners

Physicians, residents, medical students, other medical practitioners will be invited to present medical needs and challenges to a group of engineers, business school students and entrepreneurs who are eager to work with them to find innovative solutions and develop them into marketable medical technologies/products. While the preferred format is for live, 10 min. presentations, brief white papers that describe in detail a medical challenge are also accepted.

Medical practitioners/clinicians may choose to act as scientific advisers, or take an active role within the team to contribute to technology development, or have one of their medical students, research fellows or residents do so. S/he must be available for consultation during the PFI MTCC, as the feedback s/he provides will be critical for developing products that fulfill unmet needs.

Medical practitioners are urged to submit medical challenges white papers (max. 1 page in length, .pdf format) to Gabriela Lee, who manages the PFI program, at These white papers will be made available to the PFI participants so that they brainstorm for marketable solutions.

PFI participants must create their profiles at and link it to the UC Davis Partnerships for Innovation group (, as well as join a multidisciplinary team focused on a medical challenge/solution.  Medical practitioners who choose an advisory role do not have to create their profile on, but are welcome to do so.  All other active PFI participants, including medical practitioners who want to join teams, must create their profiles and link it to the UC Davis Partnerships for Innovation group on