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The National Science Foundation (NSF) defines Partnerships for Innovation (PFI) as a program that promotes innovation by bringing together colleges and universities, State and local governments, private sector firms, and nonprofit organizations. These organizations for partnerships that support innovation in their communities by developing the people, tools, and infrastructure needed to connect new scientific discoveries to practical uses.

UC Davis was awarded the NSF PFI award to develop a Medical Technology Commercialization Clinic (MTCC) as a demonstration project that allows hands-on learning about medical technology commercialization.

Principal Investigator: Claire Pomeroy, MD, MBA, Chief Executive Officer of UC Davis Health System, UC Davis Vice Chancellor for Human Health Sciences, Dean of the School of Medicine


Program Management
  • Gabriela Lee, MBA, MS, Director of Partnerships and New Program Development, Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology, UC Davis
  • Tod Stoltz, MBA, Industry Relations and Business Planning Officer, CBST, UC Davis

Program Mentors, Team Advisors and Judges

We are very grateful to the PFI Program Mentors, Team Advisors and Judges for their advice and support, and welcome suggestions for improving the program (please send to Gabriela.Lee@cbst.ucdavis.edu).

Program Mentors
Team Advisors and Judges


1.     Develop a process that enables innovation and multidisciplinary team formation

2.     Educate faculty and students in technology commercialization and entrepreneurship

3.     Promote the development of highly commercializable technologies and new company formation

4.     Contribute to the Sacramento region’s economic development

The program is managed via the UC Davis Partnerships for Innovation group at www.younoodle.com, located at: UC Davis Partnerships for Innovation